We at BIS follow a strict transparency fee policy. We are open and transparent about all fees. At BIS you will receive one invoice that includes all payments. There will be no additional charges throughout the year. The only costs not included in the invoice are the uniforms as parents prefer different amounts. Please find the uniform costs on the bottom of the page.

Application fee

This fee (IDR 2,500,000) is for applicants only and is payable to confirm serious interest in attending BIS and to start the admissions process. This fee is not refundable.

School fees

All fees are stated in IDR for one school year (182 days). Please read below if you are entering within the school year.

Grade Tuition Fee Capital Levy Charge Education Outside the Classroom IB Diploma Fee Graduation Fee Total
Preschool (3) – Half day 50,600,000 19,400,000 70,000,000
Preschool (3/4) – Full day 101,200,000 120,600,000
Kindergarten 161,900,000 181,300,000
Grade 1 187,200,000 22,400,000 209,600,000
Grade 2 187,200,000 209,600,000
Grade 3 192,300,000 214,700,000
Grade 4 192,300,000 3,000,000 217,700,000
Grade 5 192,300,000 217,700,000
Grade 6 207,500,000 24,900,000 5,000,000 237,400,000
Grade 7 224,700,000 254,600,000
Grade 8 224,700,000 254,600,000
Grade 9 227,700,000 6,500,000 259,100,000
Grade 10 227,700,000 259,100,000
Grade 11 253,000,000 23,000,000 307,400,000
Grade 12 253,000,000 23,000,000 3,000,000 310,400,000

Once your child has been accepted, we ask for a deposit of IDR 15,000,000 to save your child’s seat, this deposit wil be deducted from the school fees.

Entering within the school year

If you are entering within the school year or if you decide to stay in Bali for a shorter time, fees will be calculated as follows:

Tuition: Tuition will be prorated on a daily basis. You pay for exactly the number of days your child is enrolled.

Capital Levy Charge: Students starting in Term 1 and 2 pay 100%, in Term 3 pay only 80%, in Term 4 pay only 50% of the CLC.

Paying in installments

The yearly tuition fee may be paid as one payment or in three installments. If paid in three installments the tuition is subject to and additional 3% administration charge. The installment payments are due as per the payment schedule below:

1st payment due August 1st (Tuition + EOTC + CLC)

2nd payment due November 1st

3rd payment due February 1st

Enrolling more than one child

We like to give a discount for families of 2 or more students at BIS. The discount starts with the 2nd eldest child.

Tuition Fee: Discount of 5% for the 2nd child, 8% for the 3rd child and subsequent child.

CLC: CLC  for the 1st and 2nd child only.

Late payments

Late payments are subject to a 2% additional fee per month. Please be advised that students may be prohibited from attending classes until fees are paid.

Refund Policy

If students are withdrawn during the school year, then tuition fees may be refunded on a prorated basis provided the following circumstances are in place:

  1. The family has provided 6 calendar weeks written notice to the school administration (not just the teacher). Failure to provide six weeks notice will result in an additional 30 school days being added (from the date of notification) for the purposes of pro-rating any reimbursement.
  2. Notice is received prior to payment of the 3rd fee and/or Feb 1st in order to be eligible for any reimbursement for the year. Once the final payment is made, no reimbursements can be given.
  3. Reimbursement is given on tuition fees only, when applicable

Terms & Conditions

In addition to the information above, the following terms and conditions are in place for all admissions.

  1. By paying fees or sending my child(ren) to School, parents/guardians agree to have executed an agreement with the school which is governed by these terms and conditions as well as the conditions listed above.
  2. All fees will be paid, in accordance with this and future Fees Notices/Invoices by the published deadline.
    Any over payment will be credited to future invoices, not reimbursed.
  3. Parents are responsible for informing the school of correct contact details. If changes occur, please inform the School in writing.
  4. The School will send an invoice with the due date of payment to the email addressregistered by the Parent/Guardians.
  5. All bank charges are the responsibility of the payers.
  6. If parents/guardians experience emergencies during the school year that may impact on their ability to meet their obligations, they are requested to immediately contact the Head of School: [email protected] in writing to discuss the situation.
  7. Late payments are subject to an additional late fee of 2% per month.

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