BIS runs under an Indonesian registered foundation, ‘Yayasan Bali International School.’

The foundation governs the school as set forth in the Articles of Association, By-laws and Policies. The institution falls under the legal jurisdiction of the laws, rules and regulations of the Republic of Indonesia.


The structure of the foundation is as follows:


The Board of Directors (Pengurus) is responsible for the everyday running of the Foundation. Their main functions are to ensure that the foundation is in full compliance with Indonesian regulations, to carry out the operations of the School Board’s functions, hire the Head of School and ensure that he or she has the resources necessary to run the school in accordance with existing policies.

Collectively, the Board of Directors’ approve long term policy in collaboration with the Head of School, carry forward the strategic plan and ensure that BIS’ long term visions and goals are being met. The Board of Directors acts with one voice through a collective opinion. It has fiduciary responsibility for the school funds and is accountable to the Governing Advisory Board.

The Board of Supervisors (Pengawas) performs an oversight function to ensure the Board of Directors and any other areas in the School Board are operating in accordance with the existing laws and the foundations guiding documents. They report directly to the Advisory Board and have the authority to temporarily suspend errant members of the Board of Directors.

The Governing Advisory Board (Pembina) have ultimate authority and responsibility for the foundation. While their role is more passive, they determine the strategic direction of the foundation, approve the budget as well as the founding documents and policies and hire and release the other members of the School Board. We currently have four members on this level of the School Board, and we are very fortunate that two of them are original founders of the school.

Meet our Board of Directors

Kilburn Roby


Regine Winkler


Su Eun Kim