Welcome to the BIS Counseling Page

My name is Sharon Gibbons, and I have a BS in Education and MEd in International School Counseling. I have worked in seven international schools worldwide, helping students and families in the transition process, assisting students in their day to day challenges at school and at home, and helping secondary students prepare for and apply to universities. I also teach social and emotional well-being for students, staff, and parents.

As the BIS K12 Counselor, my door is always open to students and parents. Please schedule appointments with our counseling secretary, Indra, at [email protected].

Sharon Gibbons
K12 Counselor

University and Career Counseling

Our School Counselor provides academic, university, and career guidance to students in a variety of ways. The Counselor coordinates university visits to BIS, mini university throughout the year, and the annual BIS College Fair. The Counselor offers student and parent information sessions, conducts individual and parent meetings about academic course selection and university admission, and organizes a Career Exploration Week in Grade 10, which includes a professional career panel and student internships.

BIS is also an SAT, ACT, and Cambridge testing center. Our school and students are registered with the IB Registry website, allowing universities to view BIS and individual student profiles and approach viable candidates for their institutions. Students, in turn, can search for universities using the website. BIS uses the BridgeU platform to prepare secondary students for their university selection process and send university applications.

BIS is proud to receive many university representatives from around the globe throughout the year. Representatives may come individually to present to students or as part of a university tour.

BIS College and University Fair

BIS organizes the BIS University Fair every year. If you would like to ensure you are on our invitation mailing list for next year, please email [email protected]. We are also willing to host other fairs throughout the year, such as Linden Tours, World Education Expo Indonesia, College Success Educon, and British Council university tours.