2020 Reflections

2020 was a challenging year in so many ways. At Bali Island School, 2020 challenged us (and the world) to truly reflect on each aspect of our school’s operations and ask the question – is it essential to the learning process and to the health and welfare of the students in our care? We reflected, recalibrated and responded. While we changed our instructional modality due to Covid, I am proud to say that the core elements of our school remain unchanged and integral to the student experience. They were and still are: 

  • Relationships  
  • Rigor
  • Reflection 
  • Responsive to individual needs

Relationships are at the center of the Bali Island School experience. The educators, staff, cleaners and guards all have a role to play in this and work to ensure all students are safe. Connection to teachers (as well as all stewards of our students’ well-being) has been shown to increase attendance, their desire to work hard and improve academic results. At Bali Island School students connect and have positive relationships with teachers regardless of grade level or subject. Students feel safe, cared for and loved within our community.

Regardless of  whether we are teaching and conveying learning in a  face to face or online/a hybrid approach, the faculty at BIS are not only committed to meet their objectives as teachers with high-quality results but they also remain steadfast in their commitment to individual student feedback and attention. Even though no one anticipated this type of school year, the genuinely interesting (and reassuring) outcome is that students still set goals and are held accountable to meet the learning objectives of each unit and lesson. Specific and timely feedback provides students with the opportunity to gauge their learning progress.

It’s imperative that we recognize the hard work and challenges met by our students; they didn’t ask for or anticipate this hybrid mode of learning, yet they have risen to the challenge and have become examples of perseverance, adaptation and overall mature growth that command recognition and respect. Bali Island School has a student body that takes the reins and rises to challenges, and our parent/guardian community should be very proud of the young learners they have raised.  It is authentic.

Students at BIS are routinely tasked to reflect. Reflecting on learning and skill development allows students to gain an understanding of where they are and where they need to go and most importantly, how to get there. Teachers and students authentically collaborate in order to provide rich feedback which students use to confirm or recalibrate their thinking. This varies by grade/age level of course, but the philosophy is ingrained from the beginning regardless of course of study. 

BIS supports each and every one of our learners. Students who have learning challenges or learning differences are supported through targeted interventions and routine support. As an English medium school, our English language learning students develop their skills through pull-out and push-in assistance. IAnyone intimately involved in this process knows it is a long journey, but we have a truly fantastic start.If any student fails to meet our rigorous standards, the Faculty quickly provides the circle of support required to help the student get back on track. 

2020 challenged BIS to reassess our mission and vision statements. I am proud to say that they have held true and served as our positive direction in all aspects of school life.

To be the school of choice for internationally-minded families and a leader of IB World Schools in Indonesia. 

Engaging and empowering globally-minded, confident learners to reach their utmost potential in an active, creative and respectful learning community.

Bring on 2021. Bersama kita BISA!.