What is your Mantra?

(Interview with BIS Graduate Maitri Fischer, Chief Technical Officer of Eco Mantra)        What does your company do? Mantra is a leading Environmentally Sustainable Design and Environmental Property Management Consultancy. We work closely with property developers and architects to design and engineer sustainable […]

Mask for Lives

Its time for us to help our community. As part of the Bali community, we believe this Cloth Mask Donation campaign is our responsibility to help vulnerable people within Bali. With your support whether it’s mask donation, money contribution, or voice will help to fight […]

The Fish, the Birds and the Bees

BIS began its project with Les Village, an ornamental fish village in North Bali in 2014. At the time, Les Village was starting out with ecotourism and needed our help in making their program grow and develop to be marketable to other schools and universities.  […]