Indonesian Independence Celebration

And just like that it is the month of August! Pre-pandemic, in August you would have noticed many festivities relating to Indonesia’s Independence Day, celebrating the country’s rich and vibrant culture. While not the case this year, it is still an important moment to celebrate […]

Indonesian Children’s Folk Tales

In the age of Netflix, HBO, YouTube, TikTok and Instagram reels, folk tales have somehow lost their place in the hearts of children and their parents. While today’s shows are very entertaining and contemporary, there is something magical about old and traditional stories. How they […]

BIS ALUMNI- Rose Putri Webber

Rose Putri Webber works in biosecurity as part of sustaining the environment with the Department of Agriculture and fisheries. She discuss her work in with us, what she’s passionate about, the challenges, and how her IB learner’s profile is keeping her going. What is your […]

Best Things to Do in Sanur

Maybe it was Sir Charles Spencer KBE aka Charlie Chaplin who visited Bali and stayed in Sanur in 1932, maybe it was the Dutch tourism agencies who began to advertise Bali in the 20’s, maybe it was the adorning sunrise… Whichever the reason, Sanur has […]