BIS Alumni : Class of 2020 – Nathan Turner

Nathan Turner, BIS Alumni Class of 2020, talks about his first year after graduation in the midst of the pandemic and shares a few tips for the new graduates.

1. Describe your first year after graduating during the pandemic?

After graduating you realize you are an adult looking for a job or internship, budgeting your income, paying your own taxes, and even cooking for yourself. Learning how to live independently truly is an eye opener.

How do I cope? I still do my workout to boost my immunity, maintain my social life, and make new friends, and to help maintain my mental health, meditation.

2. What are you doing now?

I’m studying at University of Western Australia, doing a Bachelor in Commerce with Marketing. I’m glad that what I’m learning I covered previously at BIS for my Diploma Program.

Spoiler alert! Be very grateful for the attention given by BIS teachers, because you won’t receive the same during university!

3. Which three things will make life easier for the Class of 2021?

  1. Be yourself

  2. Don’t be lazy. There are things you can do, especially when you are preparing for university, it’s important for you to refresh your mind a little bit, do some reading. Keep yourself fit, do your work-out, eat right, boost your immune system – especially during this pandemic

  3. Embrace the changes that might come your way. It’s not easy but that is how you grow to be a better and stronger person

4. What are the values you gained at BIS that keep you going and hopeful for the future?

BIS has taught me the importance of keeping your positive community close to you – so we can support each other. It makes me want to give out that same energy to people around me, my community.