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Like his sporting prowess, life is all about maintaining a steady balance when tackling life’s many challenges. We chat with Jadon Scures about life at Bali Island School, and how he makes sure he’s done his homework as he prepares for Wakeboarding World Championship. 

  1. Congratulations Jadon for participating in the SEA GAMES 2019! How would you describe this exciting experience?

It was a super fun challenge to make it onto the Thai National Team.  I didn’t really know what the SEA Games were going to be like before we arrived in the Philippines for the Games.  But there were thousands of athletesver 50 different sports, from the 11 Asean Nations. It was cool meeting athletes from other countries.

  1. Where and why did you begin wakeboarding?  

I began at Bali Wakepark, in Benoa.  We live near Uluwatu and we have to drive past the wakepark every day going to school.  I gave it a try and that was it.

  1. How has Bali Island School supported your passion in Wakeboarding?  

They are pretty cool in letting me make up the work when I miss school for competitions.  

  1. With school, wakeboarding, and family, how do you manage your daily life balance?  

 I go to school, I wakeboard on the way home, then do my homework at night after dinner.

  1. In which areas does wakeboarding, or sports in general, benefit you?

I like competition.  And from wakeboarding I have gained Rip Curl and Slingshot Wakeboards as sponsors.  

  1. Describe the experiences of the USA National Games and Thailand National Games?   

I went for the 2018 USA Nationals, and that went well.  Thai Nationals went well also. It was cool, I got to meet my teammates, and practised with them.  And I learned to work with a coach.

Are you planning to return?

The USA Nationals run during the start of our school year, so I won’t go there during the Diploma Programme (DP) years. After High School I will.  But I’ll do the Thai Nationals again.

  1. Which is the next big competition you have in the pipeline and how are you preparing?

I have a contest in Singapore at the end of March, and then maybe London in July.  And Thailand will host World Championships in September. I haven’t been able to go to the Worlds for two years, since they were in Mexico and Argentina.  But for sure I will go this year in Thailand.

  1. What other things are you are passionate about, aside from Wakeboarding?

Snowboarding and skateboarding.

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