BIS’s longest-serving Head of School

In this edition, we are doing something a little different.  This month, we will dedicate this section not only student alumni but to past faculty alumni as well.  Let us travel back in time and go down memory lane with BIS’s longest-serving Head of School (from 1993-2001), Mr. Murray Vosper.

  1. Do you remember your first day at BIS?

The answer is no, but my early impressions were filled with the realization of the extraordinary opportunities this school had to offer at all levels. While BIS had a wonderfully diverse range of nationalities, parents, students, and support staff and a beautiful environment in which to operate, at the time of my arrival in 1993, it was woefully under-resourced in every aspect of that world. Thanks to many who had helped the school get through its first stages of development prior to my arrival, it was now ready to take its next step. What a privileged position to be in. A dream come true.

  1. What are your favorite memories in BIS that stand out?

 I have so many wonderful memories of BIS. Far too many to share. But a few that stood out would be; 

  • The development of a vision for the school with an emphasis on performing arts. We believed the arts to be a common language in which all ages and nationalities could bond. The quality was high, the parents and community were involved and it became a great focus for all of us. It drew us all together. 
  • Performances ranged from the simple sharing of weekly classroom activities with parents to major performances. This could be anything from ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ to ‘Saturday Night Fever’, including the Chevy on stage and performed in one of the international hotels managed by a parent.
  • Once we had a  full week of just music with local and international musicians involved. Our small staff hosted the International musicians for the week and there was heaps of hilarity. This was hands-on for all students at every level. Daily workshops culminated in a fun performance for the community at end of the week. 
  • Just being surrounded by and immersed in the culture and environment of Bali. Sacred, colorful, and vibrant, every day of the week. Coming to work and passing a Balinese neighbor making offerings at the school temple. You had to pinch yourself.  What a wonderful way to start each day and what a fabulous learning environment for students and staff. Within this environment, there were also the traditional International Days and Sports Days and events which were made that much more special by our surroundings and the participation of our local people.
  • Satisfying moments included the awarding of BIS’s first accreditations. Also, resetting the direction with a transition to secondary school education. Associated with this was the ongoing development of resources, particularly buildings. Our first efforts (multi-purpose room and library) were simply plans scratched into the building site and with a builder. Hard to believe now. Further developments such as the science lab and secondary school blocks progressed to draughted plans which actually had measurements.  Progress!
  1. In 1 sentence, what does BIS mean to you?

“BIS has a learning environment second to none”.

  1. Your message to BIS?

 I hope you are all safe and well in this Covid time. Bali Island School has been built on patience, determination, and resilience and will be right there in 16 years’ time when you reach your first big landmark. Kia Kaha. Murray Vosper.