BIS Alumni – Karan Kaul

Karan Kaul is an Assistant Vice President Development for the Langham Hospitality Group. He is responsible for business development efforts in Asia and growing the current portfolio of 50 properties open or under development worldwide. With a diverse background in hotel development, sales and operations, […]

MYP Arts Exhibition

Student in Grades 6-9 showcased their creativity, talent and learning in each of the three Arts subjects – Drama, Music and Visual Art. The Exhibition was well-attended by parents and teachers with the quality of performance very high for a culminating activity for the first […]

BIS Alumni – Mila Shwaiko

Mila Shwaiko, born to Australian and American parents, grew up in Bali. She attended Bali Island School (formerly known as Bali International School) from Kindergarten through Grade 6, leaving in 1992. At that time, BIS is only available up to Grade 6.  After finishing her […]