GIN (Global Issues Network) Conference

BIS GIN Group – Ralisha, Tara, Libby, Ji Youn, Jacob, Josephe, Jared, Pablo, Ohana, Griffin, Mr Joshua Field and Madame Perin. 

This year, we have 3 GIN projects going on at BIS:

  • Kalimantan Forest Fires‘We are looking at forest fires because we believe they impact us locally and globally. As a group, we want to raise awareness about this issue. We aim to go to Kalimantan and actually witness first hand what is really going on and share our thoughts in the GIN conference in Bangkok in February 2020.’ 

  • No Plastic Spoons! ‘We want to eliminate plastic spoons indefinitely from the school courtyard. We want to create a solution that replaces the plastic spoons with reusable eco-friendly spoons.’

  • Teen Drug UseWe personally know people who would be open to taking/trying drugs. This issue exists because Indonesia has become a major drug trafficking hub. More and more people by the day are surrounded by the influence of drugs and overtime it is affecting teens our age. Our objectives are to gain knowledge about this issue and raise awareness at school to inform our Peers.’

Two of these projects will be presented at the GINAsia 2020 conference, in Bangkok, in February. 

For those new to GIN, it stands for Global Issues Network and empowers young people to develop sustainable solutions to address global problems and to implement their ideas with the support of the network’. This quote is from the website where you will find extra information.

During the GINAsia 2020 Conference hosted at NIST International School, Bangkok, students will have the opportunity to hear keynote speakers talking about global issues and ways to address them. They will also be given the opportunity to present the project they have been working on during our GIN Service As Action meetings. Finally, they will also be able to take part in workshops and activities to develop their skills as GIN activists.

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