Indonesian Independence Celebration

And just like that it is the month of August!

Pre-pandemic, in August you would have noticed many festivities relating to Indonesia’s Independence Day, celebrating the country’s rich and vibrant culture. While not the case this year, it is still an important moment to celebrate and enjoy.  Here are some interesting ideas:


Get Artsy

The screening of historic films is one way to learn our history. This month of August, films often make a comeback during Independence Day as a way of revving up national pride and patriotism. Soekarno, Tjoet Nja’ Dhien, and Laskar Pelangi are all worthy viewing options. They are also a great way to brush up on the country’s history.

Another simple way to involve your younger family members? Do a sing-along of traditional or national songs with your children, or a trivia quiz of all things Indonesian.


Giving Back to the Community

There are many simple ways to show your pride in Indonesia, from joining a waste collection campaign to buying local products, or even wearing batik clothing.

While such activities are popular around Independence Day, why not practice and support them for the whole year. Want a wider outreach? Pick a humanitarian cause you can support the entire year. See what BIS students have been doing here:


Try MORE Indonesian Cuisine

This is the best time to enjoy different kinds of Indonesian food, in the best possible surroundings; your own home. Try recipes from different parts of the country, bond and enjoy it together with your family.


Dive into History Books

Buy books relating to Indonesian history and national figures. Better still, used books! Read them with your children and allow them to be inquisitive about the stories, and enjoy this valuable quality time together.

A Brief History of Indonesia by Tim Hannigan, or check other books here:



Take a Historic Walk

Find out if there are any historic places in your neighborhood to visit. If your children are allowed to search online independently, ask them to do a little research about the place before your visit. On your return, they can write a short story about the experience.

Virtual Tour to Museum National Indonesia

Or, Here are some places you can visit in Sanur, Bali


Fun Quiz and Games

Organize a quiz like Charades or Family Feud with your children and keep the subjects focused on Independence Day or Indonesian History. Toss some questions for the audience, which will keep them engaged as well. Prizes can be candy bars and Indonesian treats.