MYP Hour – Indonesian Studies

International schools and the international community can be perceived as exclusive bubbles, sometimes quite distant from the host country (especially in terms of culture). It’s a natural thing for expatriates to long for their home where everything is more familiar. While we do sometimes wish for small comforts, at BIS we ask all students to appreciate the diverse aspects of our beautiful host nation – Indonesia. 

Our Indonesian Studies department provides wonderful learning activities to help bridge these understandings to thrive. 

We wrapped up our third  MYP Hour dedicated to Indonesian Studies last week. Ibu Putu Mustiari, our Bahasa Indonesia teacher and organizer shared her motivations and thoughts that help craft the learning goals for the sessions.

  1. What is the goal from Indonesian Dpt through the Indonesian Studies series?

Our goal is to give Indonesian-centered cultural experiences to all students at BIS. Since they are all living in Indonesia, it is important to have cultural knowledge, to be an open-minded person, and develop to international-mindedness.

  1. The most interesting part of the series

The most interesting part is when students get hands-on experience to make or to try out something new. However, because of the distance learning policy, we can’t really have hands-on activities at the moment. Usually, if we discuss batik (a traditional Indonesian clothes-making process and style) for example, we will get students to make their own batik with traditional tools such as canting and malam.

  1. Any interesting events related to Indonesian studies upcoming in 2021?

Nothing at the moment. We try our best to introduce the cultural aspects of Indonesia by using various types of media. If we can go back to school physically, we might invite guest speakers to lead a hands-on workshop.

  1. Message to students learning Indonesian studies?

You should enjoy learning about foreign countries, especially the host country because it will give you a greater outlook on life.