The Fish, the Birds and the Bees

BIS began its project with Les Village, an ornamental fish village in North Bali in 2014. At the time, Les Village was starting out with ecotourism and needed our help in making their program grow and develop to be marketable to other schools and universities.  The aid was used for Coral Rehabilitation, English Teaching and Salt Farming programs. The programs’ mission and vision was to improve Les Village as an Educational Eco Tourism Destination, ultimately improving the village’s economy by employing local people and education, and using best practices for future generations to come. 

In other news, in September 2019, Ralisha Woodhose (Grade 10) was made an Api Young Ambassador by the Indonesian Apicultural Association, the country’s national bee-keeping association.

Ralisha received this award for her Save the Bee program, focusing on the ecosystem and how Asian honeybees play a significant role in the natural ecosystems.

BIS hopes to see more initiatives this coming year.