When I Grow Up, I want to Be…

Bali Island School held its annual Careers Day on January 20th. Guest Speaker Kaycee Odom spearheaded the day with her inspiring experiences, complemented by industry career panels with Q&A sessions for BIS students.

“What I learned is that life will take you on a ride and in today’s world your degree doesn’t always determine your career path,” (BIS Student)

Good grades should always be the aim of students, but equally important is personal character development, when succeeding in a given career.

Students should not only think about their career options, but also be encouraged to find out more about themselves, as a part of their personal development.

Kaycee Odom was the BIS Careers Day keynote speaker, a counsellor whose background in Corporate Sales & Human Resources helped develop her “head, heart and hand” approach for her therapeutic transition business, Iteration Guidance.

“You don’t have to choose a career. You can be whoever you want.” Once you become WHO you want to be, you can fit into any career,” she believes.

In a modern day career you are constantly striving to reinvent yourself to stay ahead of the game. Thanks to technology and globalization, fewer career paths are as clear-cut, or as permanent as they used to be.

A more flexible and pragmatic approach to climbing one’s career path has to be taken. A change or a transition between jobs or different industries should be viewed as an opportunity – not a crisis – to rethink and reskill.

You are always growing, so constant change is part of personal development.

“This year’s Careers Day was a huge success, with 24 professionals visiting our campus to inspire our secondary students, and share their fascinating careers in a wide variety of professions.  The Student Council representatives did a great job guiding the panellists, and leading the panels Q&A process,” says Rachael L Gerbic, PhD, BIS K-12 Counsellor.

Two 45-minute long panel sessions discussed careers that included: Arts and Design/Communication/Journalism; Medicine; Economics & Business; Law & Diplomacy; Information Technology/Engineering; Hospitality/Tourism/Transportation; Psychology/Human Services, and; Manufacturing/Agriculture /Sustainability.

Throughout the panel sessions and speaker sessions there was one constant theme: make your lives extraordinary. Always focus on personal development and achieving your career goals will follow on. In today’s world, students need the right mindset to seize the day.  Carpe Diem!

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