10 Reasons why families choose BIS

We understand that finding the right school for your child is of great importance. If you find yourself wondering if BIS is the right fit for you, here is some information that may help you decide.


1. Supportive Environment

What makes BIS special is our extraordinary caring community. We are offering a home away from home for the whole family.

Our students’ safety, happiness and development, both academic and personal, are always our main concern. We provide a gentle and inclusive atmosphere in which students feel welcomed and recognized. We offer excellent pastoral support through our students counselor and the familiarity and help that is entailed in a small school.

Our parents are well connected to each other and to our staff completing our BIS community. We have a proactive parent association that engages in several projects throughout the school year.


2. High Academic Standards

Academics are important for us at BIS. To ensure our competitiveness with other schools, we monitor our students’ progress with both internal and external tools. Our results on the International Schools Assessment from Grade 3 onwards show that academically, our students achieve favorably compared to students in other international schools worldwide.

Yet we don’t only care about our average class achievement, but about every individual student. We have small classes and a healthy student – to – teacher ratio of 7 to 1. That allows us to watch every student’s development carefully and to support everyone properly.

3. Holistic Education

At BIS, your child will receive an education that is relevant to a globalised and rapidly changing world. We focus on both our students’ academic and personal development with a progressive and holistic curriculum. It is designed to develop your child’s knowledge and skills as a learner and to become a global citizen.

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4. Excellent Teachers

We have IB trained, dedicated and experienced international teaching staff, with 80% of them being expats. Many of them hold posts as examiners, workshop leaders and accreditors. Our teachers are well versed in differentiating teaching and learning to meet the needs of their students.

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5. After School Activities

At BIS, we have a diverse after-school-activities program to allow our students to explore their passions. All students are encouraged to participate in a broad range of activities, regardless of prior experience. To keep it interesting we change some of the activities every term (4 times in the school year).

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6. Accreditation

BIS is accredited by several well-renowned organizations:

  • The International Baccalaureate (IB)
  • The Council of International Schools (CIS)
  • The Western Academy of Schools and Colleges (WASC)

We are the first and only school in Bali authorized to deliver International Baccalaureate (IB) Programmes for all age groups from age 3 to 18. We have been an IB World School since 1999.

Located in Indonesia, not all international schools are accredited and able to provide an education in accordance with international standards. Getting and keeping said accreditation requires high educational standards and dedicated staff. Our last accreditation and evaluation visit was in November 2015.

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7. Active Community Engagement

Active community engagement is very important to us at BIS. Located in Indonesia, we want students and staff to understand and respect the culture and diversity of our host country.  Our ties to the local community are strong and we engage in several projects. Doing so, we provide opportunities for our students to understand the social needs of the country and reflect on their contribution and their responsibilities in such a community.

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8. Internationalism

Our vision for BIS is to be the school of choice for internationally-minded families. Being open-minded and learning about different cultures is very important to us. Our students have 27 different nationalities, with 14% having more than one nationality. Also our staff comes from 14 different countries.


9. Transition

Transition procedures and support are especially in international schools very important. Enrolling your child in an IB school, facilitates moving to another country, as the child can pick up in the new IB school right where it left off.

At BIS, we help new students to get comfortable in the new environment. Besides our counselor, who monitors new students closely we assign every new student a ‘buddy’ student who helps to get started.

We have outstanding education outcomes and university placements, which leads to an easy transition after graduation. Students have been accepted to universities all over the world.

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10. Campus

BIS is in a safe and quiet location that is easily accessible. Being part of our local community our spacious school campus has an authentic Balinese ambiance. Our students benefit from not being inside all day and from sharing space with younger and older children. The open, natural and inspiring campus invites students to explore themselves. BIS has the best sport facilities on the island, a resource-rich library and well-equipped class rooms.

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