Secondary Student Council (StuCo)

The BIS Secondary Student Council (StuCo) is a student-run and teacher-supervised body comprised of a six-member Executive Committee and seven homeroom representatives, all of whom are elected by students in grades 6-11.  The Secondary StuCo’s purpose is to serve as a bridge between secondary students, teachers, administration, and the wider school community and to foster a positive and enjoyable school environment through organizing various events and activities.  The Secondary STUCO operates according to its Constitution, which is periodically reviewed and re-adopted by all members and approved by school administration.

Secondary STUCO members take pride in being positive role models for their peers.  They give up many hours of their free time to organize activities that promote community spirit as well as raise awareness for important causes.  Whether it’s encouraging younger students to dress up for Spirit Week, stringing lights for the Valentine’s Dance, or handing out ribbons and selling goodies at the Cancer Awareness Bake-Sale, you’ll always find StuCo members engaged, enthusiastic, and ready to lend a helping hand.


Primary Action Council

The Primary Student Action Council is a dynamic organisation that uses the school’s values (attributes of the IB Learner Profile) to help individuals and groups engage responsibly within and between communities. Projects during our 30th Anniversary celebrations include…

BIS Story Project

The purpose of this initiative is to engage in a meaningful way with students from our Taman Bacaan (and the local schools they attend) by sharing our stories with them. Our stories are illustrated by secondary students, translated so that they can be read in Indonesian or English and published professionally so that they can be freely distributed. We also sell copies within our parent community and in some local bookstores as a way of developing maintaining this as a long-term sustainable project.

BIS Community Garden

The purpose of this project is to create a place where students can grow flowers, fruit and vegetables in order to share within our community (& connect with existing units of inquiry). We also provide children with an opportunity to interact with and care for a number of animals such as chickens or rabbits.

Fabulous Fridays

This initiative is to promote a fun, well-balanced, healthy life style. Every Friday, we encourage students to come to school dressed in Batik. During morning break, we try to prepare some healthy snacks to share i.e. carrot sticks or apple slices, and students are able to participate in different physical or creative activities. Approximately 50 students helped to develop our menu of activities.