We at BIS see the world as an interactive classroom without walls that produce life-long learners.

Our students engage in meaningful activities, experiences and educational opportunities outside the classroom to improve learning, connect with self and nature, develop community spirit, strengthen family bonds and change not only their own lives but the lives of whole communities. Our field trips range from short visits into the school grounds and local community, as well as visits to museums, local businesses, farms or factories and natural settings such as national park conferences, sports trips and outdoor education camps during the EOTC Week.

Education Outside the Classroom Week (EOTC)

In our Secondary school, we have the annual Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC) 4-day expeditions to explore the rich culture and natural beauty of our host country, and to build team spirit within the grade group.  Secondary students participate in adventure activities, outdoor pursuits, environmental education and experiential learning followed by reflections and presentations during the end of term assembly.

The objectives of the programme are:

  • encourage character building and awareness of own strengths and areas for growth
  • undertake challenges that develop new skills
  • discuss, evaluate and plan student-initiated activities
  • persevere in action
  • work collaboratively with others
  • develop international-mindedness through global engagement, multilingualism and intercultural understanding
  • consider ethical implications of own actions
  • enrich curriculum-based learning

These objectives support our mission to provide high quality educational opportunities, preparing our students to thrive and succeed as responsible citizens in a changing world. It is our hope that our students, equipped with greater knowledge, confidence and leadership skills will contribute to a sustainable future as responsible global citizens.