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Bali Island School strives to live a balanced life as an IB continuum school. 

We provide a nurturing environment for students to excel in things they are passionate about, be it science, art, sports, or anything that supports them in gaining life skills, attitudes, and aptitudes. 

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School starts at 7.45 and finishes at 14.45, Monday to Friday.

Pre-School 3 students will have half day in the first semester (August to December) in which school starts at 7.45 and finishes at 11.45, Monday to Friday. If parents wish to have their child considered for full time attendance from term 3 onwards, they are required to follow the requirements.

Pre School: 18 students

Kindy and Grade 1: 22 students

Grade 2 to Grade 12: 24 students

All of our Primary and Middle Year Programmes and Grade 11 students are required to follow the BIS uniform schedule. To purchase the uniforms, please visit the Admissions Office. We are happy to assist you.

Our Annual Fee includes the tuition fee, Capital Levy Charge, and Education Outside the Classroom.

Apart from the personal material, the fee for CCA is all included in the annual fee.

All BIS students are expected to meet the academic demands of our curriculum with minimal support. Due to the structure of the Learning Support Program, the school is not able to accommodate students requiring intensive individual help for severe learning challenges. To further assist you, please see our admissions policy and inclusion policy.

We do not have a catering service at school. For lunch, parents can provide meals from home or order from our curated providers, who offer various menu options. Currently, we have eight curated food providers who supply clean and healthy meals for the children. Information about the menu can be accessed in the Weekly Newsletter, which we share when you join the BIS community.

This year, we are not providing a school bus service because we do not have enough interest.

BIS does not offer any Boarding Houses for students. For safeguarding reasons, Students are expected to reside with their parent(s). Any exception requires the Head of School’s approval, which is contingent on evidence that the student(s) will be supervised by a close relative or by another appropriate adult who can provide the support and care of a family home, and who is legally recognized in Indonesia as the student’s guardian.