Meet Our Teachers


BIS teachers are experienced, dedicated and IB trained international teachers. We have 48 teachers and 21 Indonesian teaching partners. Over 80% of our teachers are expats. The average teaching experience at BIS is 16 years and more than half of our teachers have a Masters Degree.

Primary Teachers:

Our Primary teachers are well versed in differentiating teaching and learning to meet the needs of children with different interests, learning styles, and levels of readiness. All homeroom teachers are supported by qualified Indonesian teaching partners. In addition to this, student needs are carefully assessed, monitored, and addressed by our Early Intervention Teacher, Counselor, Learning Support Teacher, and English as an Additional Language Teacher.

Secondary Teachers and IB Examiners:

All of our Secondary teachers are experienced to respond to the different needs and levels of the students. They are in part also IB examiners and moderators. Teachers assess students with problem-solving activities, tests, and examinations, hands-on experimentation, performances, exhibitions, and analysis and reflection, providing a well-rounded curriculum that is both challenging and enjoyable

Specialist Teachers:

All BIS students benefit from our team of Specialist Teachers who integrate their expertise through Modern Languages, Music, and Physical Education. We also have a counselor, who provides support for social–emotional needs and university orientation.

Our selection process for new teachers is very rigorous and we follow a strict ‘safe-recruitment’ policy that ensures that all our teachers must provide background checks from all the countries they have lived in. Additionally, we only seek to employ teachers who share our educational philosophy, core values and beliefs and who have demonstrable success as an educator. 

% Expats Teachers

% Expats Teachers With MA or Above

Average Years Experiences