Bali Island School is an active member of the Bali Schools Sports Association (BSSA), which is a group of international and National Plus schools who are working together to promote and implement friendly sporting competitions among schools in Bali. Inter School competitions currently running are: football (soccer), cross-country, volleyball, athletics, swimming and basketball.

BIS is also a member school of IISSAC (Indonesian International Small Schools Activities Council). This is an opportunity for BIS students to represent BIS in Football, Basketball and Swimming and to travel to, and compete against, other International schools from around Indonesia.

Other sports offered at Bali Island School include: tennis, softball, AFL, rugby, touch rugby, badminton, Ultimate, water polo, gymnastics/dance, athletics and swimming.

BIS Achievement in IISSAC Tournament :

  • 2006 Champion IISSAC Boys and Girls swimming.
  • 2007 Champion IISSAC Boys and Girls swimming.
  • 2008 Champion IISSAC Boys and Girls swimming.
  • 2009 Champion IISSAC Girls swimming.
  • 2011 Champion ISSAC Boys basketball.
  • 2012 Champion IISSAC Boys football.
  • 2013 Champion IISSAC Girls swimming.
  • 2015 Champion IISSAC Girls football.


  • 2016 Champion IISSAC Girls swimming.
  • 2017 Champion IISSAC Boys and Girls swimming.
  • 2018 Champion IISSAC Girls swimming.
  • 2019 Champion IISSAC Boys and Girls swimming.
  • 2019 Champion IISSAC Girls football.
  • 2022 Champion IISSAC Boys football.
  • 2023 Champion IISSAC Boys swimming
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Drama has a very important role to play in our students’ interpersonal development and the skills and qualities developed can last a lifetime, such as collaboration, creativity, leadership and risk-taking.

At the heart of the Drama curriculum is a focus on ensembles, which provides students with experiences and opportunities that develop the deep communication skills that are so important in our technologically connected society. Drama increases self-confidence and gives students a sense of accomplishment; it stimulates the imagination and allows students to explore problems and experiences in a safe and supportive environment. The Drama classroom inspires curiosity, passion, and enthusiasm to view the world from a different and more informed perspective.

Drama After School Activities

As part of the growing and vibrant ASA provision at BIS, there are many opportunities for students to take part in Drama performances and productions. These include Secondary Productions, Secondary Drama Club, Fine Arts Evenings, assembly shows, Drama Shows and more.

The school is also an ISTA member school which gives our students access to the amazing Theater Festivals held all over the world. It offers students a unique opportunity to work with professional theater practitioners to develop and deepen their creative journey.


BIS exhibits a strong extracurricular program in Music, offering students the opportunity to pursue their musical aspirations beyond the classroom.

The BIS Music Academy is essentially a private tuition program where students meet with highly qualified instructors in the soundproof studios attached to the secondary music room.

Options for lessons include study in flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, violin, viola, cello, guitar, piano, bass, drums, and singing. The studios are equipped with drum kits, amplifiers and electric pianos and one upright and a baby grand are located in the main rooms. Above all, the most valuable resource of the BIS Music Academy is the group of talented and dedicated tutors.


Students that learn an instrument / singing may be interested in taking an ABRSM exam. These exams entail students learning a set of pieces, along with technical studies, and presenting them to one of the visiting examiners from the London based institution known as the ABRSM. Exams assist students in working towards a goal with long term sustained focus and musical direction. They also provide the students and tutors with feedback from a reliable external source. The exams take place twice a year (March & September) and students can register for an exam through the primary and secondary music teachers at BIS.


BIS is proud to have an antique Pelo Gongan Gamelan set, with the metallic keys being dated at over 100 years old. Gamelan is the traditional musical style originating in Java and Bali, and students at BIS are able to access this fascinating form of musical expression through the sessions that take place here at BIS. The Gamelan is regularly performed by BIS students at public and in-school events and is often accompanied by students performing Balinese dance.

The BIS “Wind Ensemble” is a collective group of students studying instruments such as flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, and percussion. The activity focuses on reinforcing musical skills such as sight-reading, rhythm, dynamics, phrasing, and developing a sense of ensemble playing. Students involved in this group study their instruments in the BIS Music Academy, many of whom also sit for the ABRSM exams each year.

School of Rock is one of the more relaxed and fun music activities here at BIS where students of all ages join together in the music room and learn their favourite rock songs. Half of the time the students form rock bands and rehearse in the practice studios and the other half they all join together for one massive collective jam. Some of the students involved in this activity learn guitar, bass, or drums privately but this is not a prerequisite. The focus is on student participation, collaboration, and music appreciation.

The Funk Band is essentially a combination between the Wind Ensemble and School of Rock. Students that study wind instruments, guitar, bass, drums or singing can be involved in this activity. It is aimed towards challenging some of the more advanced young musicians and the repertoire consists of Motown, Blues, 70s Funk, Soul, and Gospel.

Visual Art

The Visual Arts at Bali Island School offer students a variety of creative and exciting Curricular and Co- Curricular opportunities that encourage students to extend themselves creatively beyond the classroom environment.

Mural Making – Students are encouraged to take an active part in creating and forming their own environments and creative spaces within the school by contributing to mural making activities which are run as an after school activity. Visits from internationally recognized artists such as “Wild Drawing” and Stephan Bennett further facilitate student learning.

IB Exhibition – Student creativity and accomplishments are celebrated with the Annual IB Visual Arts exhibition in which graduating Visual Arts students curate an exhibition showcasing a selection of work developed over the two year IB Visual Arts Diploma Course.