Admission Process

We accept applications throughout the year. Our school year starts in August and is divided into four terms until June.

Please be aware that grades 3-12 students will be tested for academic sustainability and grade placement. 

If you have any problems accessing our admission platform, you can contact us at: [email protected]

Admission Policies

Our admissions are on a first-come, first-served basis, whereby transferring the application fee is used to save a seat for your child.

Decisions regarding admissions can only be made once the process is complete.  In order to complete the process, all documentation must be received by the school.

The school will admit students who can benefit from the education offered. A child will only be admitted if the school can offer a program that will meet his or her individual needs. This will be discussed with parents at the initial stages of the application process prior to any formal application being made or accepted.

Entrance Age

Admission to the school requires that applicants have reached the appropriate age by the 1st of September.

GradeAge by 1st of Sept.
Preschool 33
Preschool 44
Grade 16
Grade 27
Grade 38
Grade 49
Grade 510
Grade 611
Grade 712
Grade 813
Grade 914
Grade 1015
Grade 1116
Grade 1217

In some cases a student may be considered and recommended for a higher grade. Yet for the benefit of the child’s immediate and long term development we encourage parents not push children ahead of their chronological age peers.

IB Diploma requirements

BIS offers the IB Diploma courses in the final two years of school. Given the nature of the curriculum, BIS is only able to admit students who have the language background to successfully access the courses of study.