Drama has a very important role to play in our students’ interpersonal development and the skills and qualities developed can last a lifetime, such as collaboration, creativity, leadership and risk-taking.

At the heart of the Drama curriculum is a focus on ensembles, which provides students with experiences and opportunities that develop the deep communication skills that are so important in our technologically connected society. Drama increases self-confidence and gives students a sense of accomplishment; it stimulates the imagination and allows students to explore problems and experiences in a safe and supportive environment. The Drama classroom inspires curiosity, passion, and enthusiasm to view the world from a different and more informed perspective.

Drama After School Activities

As part of the growing and vibrant ASA provision at BIS, there are many opportunities for students to take part in Drama performances and productions. These include Secondary Productions, Secondary Drama Club, Fine Arts Evenings, assembly shows, Drama Shows and more.

The school is also an ISTA member school which gives our students access to the amazing Theater Festivals held all over the world. It offers students a unique opportunity to work with professional theater practitioners to develop and deepen their creative journey.