BIS offers a comprehensive after-school activities program.

After school activities provide the opportunity for students to pursue their interests , meet friends of other grade levels, gain exposure to new things and develop new skills. Participating strengthens self-esteem and  engagement with the larger school community. We offer activities Monday to Friday from 3pm-4pm.


BIS & Inter-School Competitions

BIS is a founding member of the Bali Schools Sports Association (BSSA), which is a group of international and local National Plus schools who are working together to promote and implement friendly sporting competitions amongst schools in Bali. The schools compete in football/soccer, cross-country, volleyball, swimming and basketball.

BIS is also a founding member of IISSAC (Indonesian International Small Schools Activities Council). IISSAC is an opportunity for BIS students to represent our school in football/soccer, basketball and swimming. IISSAC involves  travel to and competition against other International schools in Indonesia.

BIS also offers students the possibility to take private lessons in certain activities, which are provided by select outside organizations and paid separately.