Bali Island School Celebrates Diversity and Unity at the Annual International Day Event

Bali Island School (BIS) recently hosted its annual International Day, an event dedicated to celebrating the rich diversity of its community. With over 40 nationalities represented, The Bali Island School campus witnessed students, teachers, and families unite to showcase the diverse cultures and traditions.

International Day Celebration on 8 March 2024 amplifies BIS’s dedication to embracing diversity and fostering global understanding. Traditional dances, musical performances, and cultural displays expose the school’s rich culture. International Day was also a global culinary celebration from different parts of the world.

Beyond performances and culinary extravaganza, International Day is a powerful reminder of the beauty and strength found in diversity. Through embracing differences, the BIS community continues to create an inclusive and harmonious environment where all are valued and celebrated.

International Day is a major annual community event at Bali Island School. Celebrating our diverse culture through traditional costumes, food, music, and games fosters values of global citizenship while reinforcing our commitment to inclusivity. It’s a pivotal moment to celebrate diversity and strengthen bonds within our community.”, said Lucy Junghans, the Bali Island School Parent-Teacher Association (BIS-PTA) Chairperson.