Working at Bali Island School

Job Vacancies

Currently we have the following vacancies:
  1. DP Physics with MYP Science
  2. Whole School College and Wellbeing Counsellor

In alignment with the recommendations of the International Task Force on Child Protection, we hold ourselves to a high standard of effective recruiting practices with a focus on child protection.

In order to qualify as a teacher at BIS, you must have:

  • A degree in the subject you are teaching (Secondary) or an appropriate education degree (Primary)
  • A teaching qualification/certification
  • A minimum of 5 years teaching experience (from the time your degree was obtained)
  • A minimum of two years IB experience is an essential prerequisite”
  • Have police background checks from 18 years old to present
  • Comply with the CIS Code of Ethics and sign the BIS Code of Conduct

As an IB World School, preference will be given to teachers with previous IB experience and/or experience in international schools.

It may be important for candidates to note that only one dependent per teacher is supported within the teacher contract, and pets may not be transported into Bali (following Indonesian law).

How to Apply?

Please apply directly through the APLi system or via the following email address [email protected]
Interested candidates should submit the following documents in ONE PDF file.

  1. Covering 1-page letter of application CLEARLY outlining your alignment with our mission, vision, core values, and definition of high-quality learning.
  2. Resume of no more than 2 pages.

For work permit regulations, candidates should have 5 years of teaching experience.



Candidates Beware of Recruiting Scams

Bali Island School will never ask or require teacher candidates to send money for application fees, interview fees, visas, plane tickets or other costs associated with recruitment or moving to Indonesia. We will not ask potential teachers for information related to bank accounts or other private information. Specific information would be collected only after a formal contract has been signed and upon arrival in Bali. If you have been asked by BIS or another international school to send money to cover such costs, you are probably the target of an elaborate scam. Several good international schools have recently had their web sites cloned, and candidates have been asked to send large amounts of money. All international candidates are urged to be diligent in investigating potential schools during the recruiting process and prior to signing a contract. Use extreme caution if you have been asked for money or private information.

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