Moana Jr. Has Anchored in Bali

A Stunning Production by Bali Island School Students

From May 18th to May 22nd, Bali Island School (BIS) staged an enchanting performance of Moana Jr.

The school’s secondary Drama students transformed the MPR into the vibrant and mystical islands of the Pacific. The production, under the expert direction of Ms. Roberts, the BIS drama teacher, and Mr. Andrews, the music teacher, featured a live band and stunning sets, props, and costumes all created by the BIS community. This showcased the incredible creativity of the students, staff, and parents.

Let’s Meet the Cast!

The cast of Moana Jr. included students from Grades 6 to 11, with their unique talents. 

  • Chief Ancestor Mandalay Jenson
  • Chief Ancestor Kolbi Canell
  • Chief Ancestor Alannah Whelan 
  • Moana MeiZhen Lu
  • Chief Tui Eden Lin 
  • Sina Elsa Blanché
  • Pua Lilly Huelsmann
  • Hei Hei Cristina Perera Guzowski
  • Grandma Tala Krisa Vaswani 
  • Maui Lael Kim 
  • Tamatoa Raffi Pierce 
  • Ocean/Villager/Monster/Claw Anfisa Rost 
  • Ocean/Villager/Monster Luka Prokopov 
  • Ocean/Villager/Monster/Claw Noura Schwarz 
  • Villager/ Te Ka/Ta Fiti Sofia Shabaeva

Production Crew

  • Lighting : Reynaldi Putra 
  • Production : Supplier Antida Music 
  • Set Design/Lead Builder : Dan Dissell
  • Set Builders : Lana Yamauchi, Kristopher Park , Florian Straub , Aran Casademont & Thomas Kusno 


  • Piano : Kana Adachi
  • Piano & Percussion : HaEun Lee
  • Piano & Percussion : Francessa Wijaya
  • Bass : Youngmin Kim
  • Drums & Guitar : Yulia Lee


  • Crew lead : Elizabeth Johnson
  • Crew member : Elizabeth Syrowatka, Emma Gautier, Jasmine Hoffmann , Lola Reglat Benlloch  & Thomas Ward 

Stay connected with us for updates on future productions and school activities!

Thank you to everyone who supported and enjoyed Moana Jr. at Bali Island School. Together, we created a spectacular experience that will be memorized for years.