Bali Island School teachers participated in the 10K race

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Bali Island School teachers participated in the 10K race at the Maybank Marathon Event

Indonesia’s first and only World Athletics-Labelled Road Race, Maybank Marathon Bali, welcomed more than 13,000 runners in its 11th year in 2023. 

Amongst the runners were Bali Island School teachers, an avid runner- Allison Denson, and a promising new one, Klaus Weber.

  1. What inspired you to run the 10K race at Maybank Marathon Event? 

Allison Denson (AD): I have been a runner for over 25 years and have run races all around the world. When BIS offered two entries for the Maybank Marathon event, Mr. Miller offered me an opportunity to run. I was excited to have one of my first experiences in Bali with this world-class running event. 

Klaus Weber (KW): When I heard about the opportunity to participate in the Maybank Marathon, I knew this was outside my comfort zone as I had never completed a 10k run. Maybe it was because of that reason that I decided to challenge myself and shut down that voice in my head that was telling me that running is painful. 

  1. Is there any training or race day tips you can share?

AD: Some trainings are not going to feel good- those are the days that count. Race day tips- get enough sleep a few days before the event. Make sure to eat a substantial breakfast a few hours before the start of the event- but most of all, have fun. You have done the work, trust the process, and enjoy the experience. 

KW: I completed five runs before the race, slowly increasing from 5k to doing a 9k run one week before the Maybank Marathon. As I had no experience in running, this might be a solid plan, slowly increasing the distance in the build-up to the event. 

  1. How did you find the overall atmosphere of the event? 

AD: Incredible. It was so well-organized and the energy was wonderful. The volunteers were helpful, and the course was beautiful.

KW: The atmosphere was magical. The 10k race course crossed through a few banjars in Gianyar, and the people in the villages made an unbelievable effort to cheer for the runners. Balinese dances, Ngelawang barong, and gamelan performances at 6 a.m. were already pretty special. Seeing a stunning sunrise while trying to catch a breath made the suffering that comes with running much more bearable. 

  1. Are you considering participating in another 10K or trying longer distances? 

AD: Yes. Yes. Yes. I have many plans to run here in Bali. I want to be a part of running groups- road and trail running. The distance can vary. I am also open to an ultra trail marathon. 

KW: That inner voice telling me that running is painful is not wrong. While I loved the challenge, at the moment, my answer to the question would probably be no. But then, maybe that changes in a few months, and I am ready to take on a new challenge, perhaps aiming for a half marathon.  

  1. As a teacher, how impactful is sport to a learning dynamic? 

AD: Participating in sports as a student- or teacher is a way to develop a well-rounded individual that will lead to success. It requires focus, discipline, and grit which are beneficial for teachers or students. Success in one area grows confidence in others. 

KW: I believe that sport teaches us discipline and perseverance which are essential for a balanced life. I have played football throughout my life, and being part of a team is invaluable as it shows us how working together can help us gain bigger achievements. Sports also helps to get rid of negative energy and is my default option when it comes to dealing with stress. 

Thank you Ibu Allison and Pak Klaus for being an inspiration.

We will make sure you will run the course again next year!