Out with a 100% Passing Rate, the Highest IBDP Score, and In with a New Principal

Out with a 100% Passing Rate, the Highest IBDP Score, and In with a New Principal

Earlier in August, over 113,000 IBDP students from across the globe received the results of the May 2022 exam. Bali Island School is proud to announce that all Class of 2022 students passed with flying colours, achieving great results with a 100 percent passing rate and an average of 34.18 points, where the highest achieving student earned 45 points! The highest IBDP score.

The global statistics show an impressive result:

BIS average: 34.18 – Global average: 31.98

BIS Pass rate: 100% – Global pass rate: 85.85%

1 student achieved 44 points (Top 2.4% globally)

1 student achieved 45 points (Top 0.7% globally)

Klaus Weber – Diploma Programme Coordinator said “Despite completing a majority of their Diploma Programme journey online, the Class of 2022 achieved some fantastic IBDP results. BIS is proud of once again having a passing rate of 100% and an average IBDP score of 34.18 with both numbers being significantly higher than the world average. In addition, one student achieved the perfect score of 45 which globally is accomplished by less than 1% of all candidates taking the Diploma Programme exams. Congratulations to all BIS graduates of the Class of 22.”

Starting the Academic Year 2022-2023, the school welcomes a new Principal, Mike Miller. With years of experience in the world of education, Miller joins the most established IB school in Bali after previously taking the role of Deputy Head of International Schools of North America in Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam.

With a Master’s degree in Education, Educational Leadership and Management under his belt, Miller is no stranger to other roles such as Experienced IB Workshop Leader (for Heads of School and IB Coordinators) and IB School Visiting Team Member for verification and evaluation visits, along with Experienced CIS visiting school accreditation team member. He is eager to embrace his new journey on the island, spearheading Bali Island School to be the top choice of school for internationally minded families in Bali and be a trailblazer of IB schools in the country and beyond.

As incoming Principal at Bali Island School (BIS), I was suitably impressed with the recent IBDP results that BIS students gained. However, let’s not lose sight of the important life skills, attitudes and aptitudes that students acquire during their primary and secondary school journeys. So, let’s celebrate all students’ achievements, irrespective of their final grade. Kudos to Klaus Weber, DPC at BIS, all the DP staff, and especially to all the students at BIS for exhibiting true grit and determination,” said Mike Miller – Principal.