Jeho, Wilio, and The Wall of Dreams 

Jeho, Wilio, and The Wall of Dreams

Photo by: Hendra Pranata

Providing multi-top activewear brands to support children’s active lifestyles, Wilio Denpasar invites young artists to a digital artwork competition. 

Chosen artists will have their artwork displayed on the wall of Wilio at Living World Mall.

Jeho from Grade 7 is chosen as one of the two winners out of 50 competing artists. Let’s chat with the young maestro about his wall of dreams. 

  • Congratulations Jeho! Tell us how you got the information about the competition held by Wilio Kids.

My private art teacher Mr. Monez informed me about the competition. He enrolled me, and I am so thankful to be chosen!

  • How many digital artists were competing, and what was the objective of Wilio for organizing the competition?

More than 50 artists had been competing, and only two were chosen: me and Devia. The objective of this project that Wilio hosted was to promote the dreams and passions of young kids to show that everyone can dream big and achieve bigger.

  • Now tell us about your artwork; what materials do you use, how long did it take you to finish the work, and what were your artistic influences?

With the project ensuing, we had to use a tablet, drawing pen, and procreate, which was convenient since the collaborating artists and I had the materials to do so. We were given a week to design five characters. I used my free time so I could complete it in under 2 days before the due date. 

Most of my inspiration came from my friends and family’s passion for the arts, music, cooking, and sports. It has helped me see the strive to be better in all people’s passions especially when they’re still youthful and have big imaginations.

Photo by: Hendra Pranata
  • What message do you want to portray here and why?

The only message I want to portray is that dreams never die out but it’s up to you if you still want to keep them alive.

  • How would you describe the Bali Island School art teacher supporting your talent?

Ms. Alli, our art teacher at Bali Island School is very supportive. She motivates us to be involved in our creative talent, teaching us techniques, showing us examples, and even checking on us frequently just to see if we need assistance and support.

  • What can we expect to see from you next? Share with us if you have a project in the making!

I am designing new merch for a culinary school, BCPS (Bali Culinary Pastry School), and meeting with a few of the designer executives to plan how they want my art to project their message.

Photo by: Hendra Pranata