Good Tidings are a Service as Action​

Good Tidings are a Service as Action

Impactful Initiatives to Positive Changes by Bali Island School Students Our pupils wear their hearts on their sleeves. While December always gives us warm fuzzy feelings with celebratory events, we are also touched by the student-initiated programs “Service as Action.” throughout 2023 that created an impact in the world. 

Below is the summary of 2023 Service as Action activities accomplished by Bali Island School students.

  1. Giving Forward Group supported Bali’s disabled community by collecting kids’ toys, health supplies, shower kits, snacks, meals, stationery, clothes, and shoes.
  2. Santa’s Little Helpers raised funds for ‘Bali Street Mums,’ addressing the health needs of impoverished women and children in Denpasar. 
  3. People’s Perpustakaan, a mini library project built by the students in 2022 continues to enhance literature experiences with local schools.
  4. Supported Yayasan Pita Kuning and their mission to battle cancer in children.
  5. Coral Cleaning activities with Ocean Gardener for environmental service.
  6. Go the Extra Mile shoe drive emerged, providing proper shoes to propel the dreams of local children, which is a figurative extra mile to one of our students’ skatepark projects in the same area.
  7. Via Scholars of Sustenance (SoS), 1,148 meals were provided to ease hunger by the Bali Island School community this year. This project significantly cut CO2 waste by 519.13 kg—equivalent to saving 46.35 days of electricity.  “The Service as Action ignites transformative passion in students for community engagement and positive change. The diverse 2023 projects, encompassing humanity, sustainability, and environmental impact reduction, represent a dedication to meaningful, sustainable change, positively influencing both the environment and the community,” says Edward Andrews- CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) and Service as Action Coordinator at Bali Island School  With their heart, minds, and hands in the right places, Bali Island School students are ready to embrace 2024 with a new spirit of being changemakers in this world!