Igniting Passion: How Parents Can Help By Nadia Demolder – BIS Primary Years Programme (PYP) and Well-Being Coordinator

Taking Action in the PYP involves encouraging students to consider what they will do now they have gained knowledge and understanding. Students consider what they can do to improve their class, school, community, and world. There are five different ways to take action according to the PYP.

The PYP is all about helping children become good people, not just academically. We strive to create the kind of people that will take action to make our world better. There is no better springboard for action than a student’s passion. This is the starting point. If your child loves to draw, ask questions, play sports, or use technology, consider how this passion can be used to take action.

When children dive into their passions, they often do innovative actions to help others, like organizing charity events or planting trees. Use your child’s passion to set a mission! Encourage your children to try new things, even if they might fail. Explain that making mistakes is an opportunity to learn.

Here are some simple ways you can support your child’s passions at home:

  • Listen and Encourage: Take time to listen to your child’s interests and ideas. Encourage them to pursue what excites them, even if it seems a bit out there.
  • Provide Resources: Whether it’s art supplies, sports gear, or books, make sure your children have access to the tools they need to explore their passions.
  • Celebrate Progress: Celebrate their achievements, big or small. Whether it’s mastering a new chord on the guitar or scoring a goal in soccer, acknowledging their efforts boosts their confidence. 
  • Join school events so that your child sees you prioritize and celebrate accomplishments with them.

By supporting your children in finding and following their passions, you’re not just helping them have fun – you’re helping them grow into confident, compassionate individuals ready to take on the world.