Hoops, Cheers, and Dragon Cheers: Bali Schools Sports Association (BSSA) Basketball Finals Unwrapped!

March 2024 was a slam dunk of epic proportions as we wrapped up the BSSA Basketball Junior Finals. With 118 ballers giving it their all and our school spirit soaring higher than a three-pointer, it’s safe to say we had a ball – pun intended!

The courts were ablaze as the BSSA family converged across four venues to witness our young athletes in action. From buzzer-beaters to nail-biting finishes, our Dragons left their mark on the court and our hearts. Here are the scorecard highlights

Court Chronicles:

  • 11-12 Boys A Division: Made it to the semifinals, like bosses!
  • 11-12 Boys B Division: Runners up, but champions in spirit!
  • 13-15 Boys A Division: Gave it their all and made us proud!
  • 13-15 Girls A Division: Clinched the championship – cue the confetti!
  • 13-15 Girls B Division: Double champs – talk about a dynasty in the making!


And let’s not forget our Seniors, who showed us how it’s done:

  • Seniors A Division Boys: Semifinalists, but winners in our hearts!
  • Seniors A Division Girls: Second place – silver never looked so good!
  • Seniors B Division Boys: Second place – a valiant effort till the final buzzer!
  • Seniors B Division Girls: Champions – queens of the court!

But wait, there’s more! Our 9-10’s Group hit the court for a friendly face-off at Dyatmika, and boy, did they bring the heat! With cheers echoing and sneakers squeaking, they gave us a taste of the future – and it’s looking bright! Shoutouts and Slam Dunks:

A round of applause for our MVPs behind the scenes:

  • Coaches: Mrs. Denson, Mr. Jay, Mr. Joe, Pak Haris, and Pak Putu – the real MVPs, guiding our players with skill and heart.
  • Student-Coaches: Nora Lamnii, Nina Pecquery, Lucie Senes, and Se Bin An – leading by example and inspiring the next generation.
  • Scorekeepers: Maia Vitt, Lucie Senes, Ashleigh Kneipp, Kristina Park, Cheva Sihombing, Zaria Arriaga, Alexis Gautier, and Eduardo Perera – keeping score like pros and making sure every point counted!

As we bid adieu to another thrilling BSSA season, let’s savor the memories and gear up for the next game. After all, it’s not just about the wins and losses – it’s about the camaraderie, the sportsmanship, and the Dragon spirit that keeps us soaring!

Keep shooting for the stars, Dragons – the court is yours to conquer!